About Us

No Shiba-Inu No Life

We are a Japanese family living in the US.
Our children requested, "We want to have a dog!" We agreed to their request for teach them the respect for life.
Shiba Inu is the Japanese breed dog.
We decided to have a Shiba Inu without hesitation.

Our Shiba Inu name is Yachiru, She is a girl.

The Shiba is the most popular dog breed in Japan.
They have been connected with the Japanese people since the Jomon period.

Even in the U.S., you can find people who own Shiba Inu these days.
We even have one in our neighborhood.

The Shiba Inu is a breed that is considered to be the closest to the wolf.
Somebody said to be difficult to have.
They may have a rough temperament, extreamely particular about toilet, and are enemies with everyone except family members.

But we love this unique character, the Shiba Inu !!
Surely you do too, right ?

We would like to introduce this world's cutest Shiba Inu to everyone in the world.
We hope that more and more people around the world will love Shiba Inu.

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